Selected publications

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Peer-reviewed articles

Dassonneville, Ruth & Filip Kostelka, forthcoming, “The Cultural Sources of the Gender Gap in Voter Turnout“, British Journal of Political Science.

Kostelka, Filip and Jan Rovny, 2019, It’s Not the Left: Ideology and Protest Participation in Old and New Democracies, Comparative Political Studies 52 (11), pp.  1677–1712.

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Kostelka, Filip, 2017, “Distant Souls: Post-Communist Emigration and Voter Turnout”, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 43 (7), pp. 1061-1083.

Polk, Jonathan, Jan Rovny, Ryan Bakker, Erica Edwards, Liesbet Hooghe, Seth Jolly, Jelle Koedam, Filip Kostelka, Gary Marks, Gijs Schumacher, Marco Steenbergen, Milada Vachudova, and Marko Zilovic, 2017, “Explaining the Salience of Anti-Elite and Anti-Corruption Discourse in European Parties with the 2014 Chapel Hill Expert Survey Data“, Research and Politics 4 (1), p. 1-9.

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Book chapters

Kostelka, Filip, 2020, “The Czech Republic (Czechia): History”, in Central and South-Eastern Europe,

Blais, André, Ruth Dassonneville and Filip Kostelka, 2020, “Political Equality and Turnout”, in Rohrschneider, Robert and Jacques Tomassen (eds.), Handbook of Political Representation in Liberal Democracies, Oxford University Press.

Kostelka, Filip, 2019, “The Czech Republic (Czechia): History”, in Central and South-Eastern Europe,


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Reports & articles in journals with editorial review

Kostelka, Filip, 2019, “The Czech Republic’s Crisis of Liberal Democracy Escalates“, Inroads: The Canadian Journal of Opinion 46.

Kostelka, Filip, 2017, “A Muted Triumph for Czech Populism”, Inroads: The Canadian Journal of Opinion 42.

Kostelka, Filip, 2017, “Le vote à l’étranger et le vote des étrangers: une avancée démocratique à encadrer” [External Voting & Alien Suffrage: Democratic Innovation in Need of Regulation], France Forum 67. 

Kostelka, Filip & Eva Krejcova, 2017, “The Kremlin Strikes Back: Russia’s Rising Influence in Central and Eastern Europe”, Inroads: The Canadian Journal of Opinion 41.

Kostelka, Filip, and Colin Scott, 2016, “The National Youth Election Survey Report: A Subgroup Analysis of Political and Civic Participation among Canadian Youth”, Report commissioned by Elections Canada on Youth Electoral Participation in the Canadian Federal Election of 2015.

Blais André, and Filip Kostelka, 2016, “How do Canadians rate the state of our democracy?”, Policy Options.

Book reviews

Kostelka, Filip, 2015, “The History of Compulsory Voting in Europe: Democracy’s Duty?” by Anthoula Malkopoulu (2014), Redescriptions 18 (2).

Kostelka, Filip, 2012, “Territory and Electoral Rules in Post-Communist Democracies” by Daniel Bochsler (2010), Czech Sociological Review 48 (3).

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Kostelka, Filip, 2011, “Elections and Democracy after Communism?” by Erik S. Herron (2009), Revue française de science politique 61 (1).